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So something IS indeed wrong.
indeed .

and that is that people dont play games anymore ,
but rather spend their time hunting for lost pixels in 3dmarks ,
just to find another "flaw" in the GeforceFx.

if extremetech claims are accurate, it only proof that Nvidia
is cutting curners in that benchmark , it is unfair for ATI ,so what?
3dmark2003 is unfair for Nvidia cards anyway ,since day 1 .
thats why ,they dropped from the beta team , while ATi not.
ATI and Nvidia have diferent arquitectures ,so its not possible
apples vs apples comparisons when it comes to PS/VS.
because everyone doeas things diferently..
so you dont need to be a rocket scientist to know syntetic
benchmarks can be unfair for other companies.

ask AMD ,they will tell you ,many stories about this.

Is Nvidia cheating to sell "graphic cards?"
as far as i know all video cards companies have done this..
ATI,Trident,and according with ET. Nvidia.
any company will take every opportunity they have
to cut corners here and there to gain Free performance.
(look at my tread of anisofiltering )

but they sell graphics cards to earn money ,not to "cheat".

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