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Default Re: Please recommend motherboard and RAM for new system

Originally Posted by FastRedPonyCar
If you HAVE to buy from Ewiz, get this

I've never heard of supertalent though so I'd be skeptical.

If not, get something better from newegg.

Like this

With a $30 rebate no less.

Edit: I found that supertalent ram on newegg. apparently it can't overclock at all and struggles to run at all if you mess with the timings.

so if you get the corsair memory, you get it for a few dollars more, it runs faster stock at timings that the supertalent ram can barely hit if you're lucky and you have poor overclocking potential with the No Talent ram.

Screw ewiz man. Just get some good ram from newegg or something. I agree that there is ram that's overpriced and overhyped but the XMS2 DDR2 800 is not.
Thanks for the reply.

Your first link isn't working, it goes to an 'item not found' page.
The reason I can't buy from newegg is because they don't ship internationally.

Regarding the RAM, can you recommend something on the ewiz site that isn't supertalent, but not a whole lot more expensive? As I mentioned earlier I'm not too concerned with achieving crazy timings, I just wanna have the option of doing an OC on air sometime down the road, i'm mostly concerned about bottlenecking my system.
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