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Originally posted by nVidi0t
There is clearly no link between your performance in 3dmark03 and ANY games out now. It's merely a tool for manufacturers to optimize their products for to sell their graphics cards.
Ok I don't want to be an ass, but man think about it "FUTURE"mark.

It's not supposed to mimic current games. The only tests that does (GT1) is in fact also the test that DOES "take note" of what CPU you are using.

In future games where shading is the predominant factor of performance CPUs will matter less and less.

Of course 3Dmark03 has some really bad code in it, I have to agree with that. Artificially inflating your code just to make it more demanding is the wrong way to go. Instead they should've just made the scenes more complex.

This of course also opened up for cheaters. If the code is inflated with uneccesary stuff driv devs can try to "cut out" those parts to increase performance which would give them an unnatural advantage.
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