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Originally posted by Nv40
and that is that people dont play games anymore ,
but rather spend their time hunting for lost pixels in 3dmarks ,
just to find another "flaw" in the GeforceFx.
I saw the screwy pixels the first run I ever made with 44.03 and I wasn't even paying close attention at all. The only thing I did actively look for was the overbright lightning effects in GT4. (Another optimisation that wasn't very obvious without paying any form of attention)

As for playing games, how's this for stable drivers:

But in any case, I don't "play" the 3DMark03 "game". I review hardware and 3Dmark is a good tool for analasys, now I'm not directly referring to the Game Tests but even more so the specific feature tests.
And of course GT4 has a lot of value since it's the only really full DX9 "game-like" scene that we can tests today.
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