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There is clearly no link between your performance in 3dmark03 and ANY games out now. It's merely a tool for manufacturers to optimize their products for to sell their graphics cards.

the only thing that 3dmark2003 have of Future
is their names ->FUturemark.

because there are millions of ways of programming
one better than others ,thats why the performance between
games are as diferent ,as the games itself .
the performance depends of the ability of their programmers.

for me the Future is Doom3,half-life2,Unreal3 ,Stalker ,quake4
eve online , Tribes3 , MOH2 ,HaloPc and others
and neither one will use the futuremark engine for DIrectx9.

heck.. even they use assembler to program their shaders..
strong use of PS1.4 and VertexShaders ,where according to others
ATI is stronger . i dont see fairness there at all.

what its interesting is that many of those games will use
NVidia Cg to program in the Geforcefx..
in the real world game developers number #1 concern is not
Benchmarks but to get the best performance possible and IQ
of *every* video card... no matter what.

a very diferent story ,to what we see today in 3dmark.

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