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Default Good deal for 6800 GT?

Ok, I have a problem and am looking for the opinions of the members of this board, so bear with me.

I am looking for a minor upgrade for my video card, Geforce 4 Ti4200 is getting long in the tooth, and was looking at a 6800 GT PCI-E for 100 CND used.

Would that be a reasonable deal, would be playing at 10x7 and 12x10 resolutions.

I did some calculations and i came up with these figures.

If 7950 GT is 100% in performance, then the 7600 GT comes in at 55% with the 6800 GT coming in at 44%.

Here are my options:

6800 GT PCI-E used 100 CND
7600 GT PCI-E new 170 CND
7950 GT 256 PCI-E new 275 CND

I don't believe there are any major differences in their features sets, maybe borked PureVideo I guess on the 6800? Power consumption would be 7600 GT > 6800 GT > 7950 GT in that order. Geforce 7 obviously will rule for performance/watt. I hope I am not missing much.

I am just want to play Sims 2, X2: The Threat Homeworld 2, FarCry, Doom 3, and a few newer games down the road, but not in any hurry or anything.
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