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Default 1.0-9746, 1.0-9755 x86_64 system freeze with GeForce 8800GTX

We are running two identical Sun Ultra 40 workstations with GeForce 8800GTX cards installed in them. The systems previously had Quadro FX 3400 cards, and were quite stable. After installing the GeForce 8800GTX cards (they already had 1.0-9746 installed) we are now seeing system freezes if we load up VMD with a large molecule, start the molecule spinning, and then resize the window while it is animating. When the system freeze occurs, the machine is dead, unresponsive to ping etc, and cannot be recovered.

Since we're the developers of VMD, we have recently heard similar reports from two of our users at other sites, with different motherboards, different Linux distributions, and so on. Our users reported that the system lockups happened to them with both the 1.0-9746 drivers as well as 1.0-9755. We have only personally tested with 1.0-9746, but have verified the behavior they reported to us The problem appears to be specific to the 64-bit drivers/kernel, as one of our users reported that after reinstalling his system with a 32-bit Linux distribution, the crashes did not occur anymore. We thus believe the problem may be specific to both the GeForce 8800GTX and to 64-bit kernels. We have two CUDA test systems running 32-bit kernels with the 1.0-9751 and those machines do not appear to crash when tested in the same way, though we aren't doing much visualization on them since they are primarily intended as CUDA test machines.

I've attached the bug report log to this email. Let us know if you have suggestions or need help reproducing the problem. I looked through the driver bug reporting article on the forum and checked the obvious things with MMCONFIG etc, but didn't see anything that would explain this system lockup behavior we or our users are seeing with the 64-bit kernels and the 8800 cards with the latest drivers.

John Stone
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