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Originally posted by Ratchet
Who said they only hacked the 44's? Maybe this "enhancement" was around for awhile, and it's only just now being discovered?
Thank you. I'm distraught that it took so long for someone to point this out.

For all you trusting people HOW do you know the 43.51's don't have the SAME hack? ExtremeTech didn't test the 43.51's AFAIK. Nor did them comment on them, AFAIK. Indeed, Dave's comments a few days ago about 43.51 vs 43.45 having more errors imply that there is something going on with 43.51.

Maybe they "optimized" the same way in both 44.03 and 43.51? Or maybe they lowered precision in 43.51, but restored full precision in 44.03 and used this hack to regain speed?

Until someone checks 43.51 and verifies whether or not that driver is just as guilty as 44.03, we cannot know.