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Originally posted by ChrisRay I cannot say for sure and I won't at this point because it'll be purely speculative at this point.[/b]
Let me quote few gentlemen (Althornin and antlers4) from Beyond3D forums:

its a mighty big coincidence, eh, that the driver bug just happens to not screw up really while the camera remains "on track", but the minute you leave it, it looks like you are playing doom2 with "noclip" and are running around outside the level.

Too big of a coincidence to really swallow, imo.
Exactly. The clipping is tied to the camera path--it can't be an accident. The only respect in which it is a bug is that they don't turn it off when the camera leaves the expected path. As OpenGL guy said, I'm sure they will fix that one shortly.
As to "destroying Futuremarks credibility".... Why do people whine about 3DMark and not about CodeCreatures for example? Is it because NV doesn't like 3DMark? Because NV doesn't like certain benchmark, it automatically sucks?
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