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Originally posted by ChrisRay
I've seen Nvidia dig themselves out of the AF issues.[/b]
Did they actually fix the gf4 D3D AF + multitexture bug?

Last I remember was that you could "fix" some of it yourself with tweaker programs.

And even if performance improved, the hardware issue was still there, they just found work arounds.

AFAIK they never fixed it. Look at these Tom's benchmarks from Jan 2003 of UT2003, then look at the 8x AF benchmarks for UT2003. The gf4 STILL has a higher performance hit for enabling AF in D3D than the gf3. Albeit that the newest drivers weren't used, but I haven't heard of the problem being fixed recently.

And again in March, for the gfFX5200/5600 review, the performance hit of AF does not seem to have improved.

Yeah, AF in OGL has improved for the gf4, but not D3D, unless something happened in the last 2 months.