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Originally posted by ChrisRay Who said I liked code creatures? We'll see.
Funny, I don't see anyone whining about it though... I bet that if NV said "we don't think you should use CC because....", it would take about 5 minutes for these forums (and others) to be filled by NV-fans who tell everyone why CC sucks.

"When NV says "jump", only thing we will ask is "how high?""

I hate synthetic benchmarks period. 3dmark just happens to have far more credibility than it deserves in the benchmark world and people place way to much value on it.
Again, people were OK with 3DMark as long as it was OK with NV. The second NV complained about it, people started to complain as well.

And how come 3DMark doesn't have any credibility? There are plenty of people using it to benchmark their system, including professional reviewers. Or did it lose it credibility because NV doesn't like it?
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