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Originally Posted by OWA
I don't me it's just a matter of things balancing out. The forum was very anti-blu-ray/pro HD DVD b/c only HD DVD users were posting. Hardly anyone had the capability to play blu-ray titles at the time so there wasn't much reason for any blu-ray info to be posted. Now you have several people with the capability to play blu-ray titles and once people saw there wasn't much difference (i.e. blu-ray isn't the devil), they started voicing their support/opinions/info, etc. So basically, now it's much more balanced b/c you have HD DVD users AND blu-ray users posting instead of just HD DVD users.

Heh, the blu-ray titles thread probably has a lot of pages b/c I've bought a lot of titles. My preference for blu-ray is mostly b/c I'd much rather use the PS3 as a player (my HD DVD player is the x360 addon) and partly b/c I think blu-ray has a better selection of titles available (so far). There are titles I want in both formats though, hence a player for each. Anyway, it doesn't really have much to do with the format itself since I don't notice any difference, most of the time (when I do, it's usually on the early MPEG-2 blu-ray titles).

Blu-ray hasn't moved exclusively to VC-1. They still use MPEG-2, AVC (MPEG-4) and VC-1. It's mostly the dual-format titles that end up with VC-1 on blu-ray. A lot of the newer blu-ray only titles use AVC but there are still a lot of MPEG-2 titles also though.
QFT on all accounts. This sub topic started out with all kinds of HD-DVD fans spewing out stuff, then they settled down, and it turned the other way for a while with the Blu-ray fans doing the same. I think now it has finally come down a notch and everyone can actually post a little without getting insta-flamed.
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