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Default Re: Good deal for 6800 GT?

Originally Posted by Redeemed
Maybe the 8800 series wont work on the 775Dual VSTA- but I see no reason why an 8600 down to the 8300 would not work. I'd look into the 8300- that perform atleast as well as a 7600GT while fully supporting DX10. Heck, early benchmarks of the 8600GT show that card to be faster than a 7800GTS 512. So I see no reason why an 8300 would not be as fast or faster than a 7600GT.

I'd wait for the 8300 if I were you. Or, if you could get it- the 8600. But due to your mobo only running that PCI-e x16 slot at only x4 (I believe that is the rate it runs at)- you very well may be limited to the 8300 for the GF-8 series. Which would still be a fast card for most any game today, and decent for any newer games to come.

Just my two cents.
Well I don't know for a fact they won't work, as they haven't even been released yet. I would just exercise precaution and go for what you know that works and get a 7 series. The low end 8 series (8600 and down) are probably not even as fast as a 7900.
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