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Default Re: BDA confirms fake forum accounts & blogs created to promote Blu-Ray - "Phase Hydr

Originally Posted by J-Mag
If it was we should not trust OWA on anything anymore
What? Why would that be? What do I say/post that needs to be trusted. Heh, except maybe my movie recommendations and we all saw how that went. I've never claimed to be an expert, audiophile or videophile and anything I post you can easily find at sites like hidefdigest or any other reviews sites. It's not like I'm touting that blu-ray is better than HD DVD or anything like that so I fail to see why "trust" is even mentioned.

Originally Posted by Ruined
If you're trying to imply I'm a part of this, I'm not. I'm not associated with Sony, I'm not part of any marketing campaigns, I never have been and I don't desire to be.

I just care about the forums here and didn't like the imbalance. I got tired of seeing people bullied/ridiculed in the console forum and the A/V forum here for liking a PS3 or blu-ray. I try to make them feel welcome b/c I care about the community here and want people to feel like they can actually discuss things they're interested in and like. Sure, I'm an easy target and I've been accused of being part of Nvidia's marketing campaigns for defending them as well. Of course, none of it is true but when people get upset that I defend something they're against (for whatever reason), accusations naturally start to fly.
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