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Originally posted by Slappi Ok so I read the article. Some great investigative reporting there let me tell yah. First those numnuts don't even test older drivers to compare, then they don't even try to recreate the same thing in any games
How could they recreate it in games, since this "bug" only affect benchmarks where the camera goes along a fixed path? Luckily in 3DMark you CAN move that camera around, and that exposes this cheat.

The whole article stinks of bias without any reason except for their shotty "investigation". Wow before I made some HUGE assumptions I would get a few more facts and talk to a few more people that know more first.
And your comments stink of blind "NVIDIA can do no wrong! NVIDIA never cheats!"-bias. Seriously, is the Iraqi Information Minister your mentor?

3Dmark03 plain sucks.
Yeah, because "NVIDIA told me so!". How exactly does this thing show that it sucks? Quite the contrary, it shows why it doesn't suck: cheated get caught.

That is all there is to it. The whole benchmark is ghey.
Funny, nvidiots didn't have any problems with 3DMark when it was still officially approved by NV

If I want benches I do em myself with a GAME!!
And this cheat could be applied to timedemos in games as well.

That POS isn't worth the space on my HD it takes up.
My my, aren't we defensive ?

I agree with the other poster ...... NV should quit screwing with 3Dmark and let it die which would be a great thing IMO!!!
Yeah, because all benchmarks must be "officially approved by NVIDIA" and they must show NV hardware in best possible light. If they don't do that, the benchmark in question must die.
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