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Originally posted by nVidi0t
No, because I have tested it, and major differences to system spec, but not changing the display card does not affect performance in the benchmark, yet in games, the average FPS is 50% faster.

It shows all the specs, and allows you to compare your results to other users with the same CPU, obviously it's a system comparison.

The sound tests do impact score. And the CPU tests should aswell, yet trying an exact system spec with another CPU almost 50% faster, the 3dmark scores remain the same.

It's a bad benchmark. Game engine benchmarks are the only real way of determining performance WHICH MATTERS to the customer, they are going to be playing games, not benchmarks. (unless they are like a few peeps here.. lol)
You my dear sir is a liar.

No score except the ones from game Test 1 through 4 has an impact on the final score.

3Dmark03 was DESIGNED to put the load on the videocard. You know why?
Because that's the future of shading intense games.

Here's what Futuremark had to say about even before it was available for download:

[NH]: There has been some complaints that the CPU, RAM and MOBO influenced the scores too much, is this any different in the 03 version?
[FM]: As we have focused even more heavily on the Shaders in 3DMarkŪ03, the graphics card is more of a bottleneck than it was in 2000 and 2001. 3DMarkŪ03 comes with a separate CPU test for more in-depth CPU benchmarking.

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