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Originally posted by Nemesis77
That's because it's a VID-CARD-test, not CPU-test! With previous 3DMArk, they were criticized that the benchmark is being held back by the CPU. That's why the new 3DMark is alot more vid-card dependant.

Since it does have tests that are not vid-card dependant (like the sound-test), it's a good thing to show all relevant specs. Besides, showing the specs does no harm, so why not do it?

WRONG! Here's what Futuremark says about this (page 20 of the whitepaper):

"Each of the four game tests generates a frame-rate that is used to calculate the overall score"

It even show the formula that they usaed to calculate the score!

As it should be since it's a VID-CARD BENCHMARK!

NV didn't have any problems with previous 3DMarks when they were perfectly suited for their feature-set. Now that that is not the case, they whine that "only game-benchmarks matter". hypocrisy, plain and simple.
I dont care if nVidia didn't have problems with older 3dmark benchmarks. I really wont defend nVidia against any sort of foul play or cheating, because sure, they might do it, but that doesn't effect the excellent track record of nVidia graphics cards I have owned.

About the sound tests, It affects the score because it records framerates based on the hit caused by 3d sound being processed by your Audio processor. So audio tests CLEARLY affect your overall score
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