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Originally posted by nVidi0t
About the sound tests, It affects the score because it records framerates based on the hit caused by 3d sound being processed by your Audio processor. So audio tests CLEARLY affect your overall score
Get a clue will ya.

Only the FOUR GAME TESTS will impact the score.
It was the same in 3DMark2001. You can turn off all other tests and your score remains exactly the same.

Do you honestly belive that all reviews run the whole ******* thing each and every time they benchmark. Man that would take ages.

Just get the Pro-version and turn off the sound tests and you'll see that your 3Dmark score does not differ.

From the 3Dmark readme:

"The results from the four game tests are then collated to produce the total 3DMark score."

"The 3DMark total score is calculated using the following formula:

3DMark score = (GT1fps * 7.3) + (GT2fps * 37) + (GT3fps * 47.1) + (GT4fps * 38.7)" <- I don't see no sound test in there, do you?

"All supported game tests must be selected and run, in order to get a 3DMark overall score."

You installing a new driver might very well have influenced the score. Even if the soundcard doesn't do anything it will still have some impact on the score. This is easily verifyable using Quake3.
Run a timedemo and get the score. Then shut off your soundcard in the device manager and run again: presto you gained a few fps'.

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