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Default Re: Good deal for 6800 GT?

Originally Posted by Redeemed
Maybe the 8800 series wont work on the 775Dual VSTA- but I see no reason why an 8600 down to the 8300 would not work. I'd look into the 8300- that perform atleast as well as a 7600GT while fully supporting DX10. Heck, early benchmarks of the 8600GT show that card to be faster than a 7800GTS 512. So I see no reason why an 8300 would not be as fast or faster than a 7600GT.

I'd wait for the 8300 if I were you. Or, if you could get it- the 8600. But due to your mobo only running that PCI-e x16 slot at only x4 (I believe that is the rate it runs at)- you very well may be limited to the 8300 for the GF-8 series. Which would still be a fast card for most any game today, and decent for any newer games to come.

Just my two cents.
Yeah, the 8800 Series, don't completely conform to the PCI-E specification and require full x16 electrical slots in order to work. SO for the Dual-VSTA that option is out.

I don't know for sure if the highest 8300 will beat out the 7600 GT or not, look at the 7300 GT, the most powerful card of the 7300 line and not even based on the same core as the rest of the line, is only about the level of the 6600 DDR2 and doesn't even come close to the 6600 GT stock wise.

From the looks of things the 8600 Series will come in from 7900 GS to 7950 GT performance levels, which is not bad and has a good chance to work as they are target 45W and 71W TDP envelopes, but I don't know if I would care about DX10 on the first generation of a card.

The typical trend is that older generation high end cards are much better deals for the budget arena because of the rather anemic performance increase in that segment over the years. So getting a older high end card is usually a better choice, then buying a new generation budget card. There isn't enough data at this time to indicate if the 8300 line will break that trend.
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