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Default Re: nvidia+amd64+2.6.20+feisty = stone dead computer

With no binary driver work. The 87xx worked with kernel Even then, on a given UT2004 demo (self made), I got 8 fps avg, whereas with kubuntu 32 bits running I don't know what kernel version and NVidia drivers 87xx I got 85 fps avg. Even if they ran, it was far from playable. I haven't seen a lot posts about performance problem on amd64, and if it was a wide spread problem, then why would the developers of UT2004 bother to include the 64bits version?

Oh! I not just UT2004! I also get sucky performance with sauerbraten. Most people I have seen reporting performance problems didn't have GLX configured properly. I only I had another graphic card, I could rule out the video card.
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