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Default Re: Too late to jump into WoW?

Originally Posted by nrdstrm
Because with no instancing, things seem more special.
That basically sums it up. Instances take away the "alive" aspect of the game.

When you go to an amusement park and you see a roller coaster ride you REALLY want to get on. The wait in line is an entire HOUR. You want to ride it really bad, so you wait in line anyway. By the time it gets to be your turn you are SOOOO excited. So excited that while you are waiting, you start up a conversation with the people around you, making new friends. You get on the ride and soak in EVERY BIT of it. You know your time for riding that ride again may NEVER come any other time in your life so you enjoy it while it lasts. While you are on the roller coaster you know that only you and the ones with you are the ONLY people in the world enjoying the ride. A group of people to share the experience with. You had a great experience you will remember for a long time and met some cool people.

Now imagine you hear about this awesome roller coaster at another side of the park. You walk there are see 20 roller coasters side by side, all identical. You look and there is no line, noone really to talk to. You simply hop on board whichever one is closest to you. While you are on your roller coaster with a handful of people that you don't talk to, you look into the distance at the 20 other roller coasters, all which are about as vacant as yours. You don't really feel special. There are 20 roller coasters with people doing the exact same thing. Your entire experience lasts a minute. You had fun while it lasted obviously, but after you are done your excitement level is about the same as if you were to have just gone into a drive through car wash.

Does that make sense? I know it might sound crazy, but the fact EQ was not instanced is what made the game so great. You had to work for what you got. Some nights you would spend 5 hours just fighting through a zone only to get to the end and finding out the main God boss was killed just yesterday(which alot of times God respawns were a week plus). Its a "bad" experience, but once you DO get to fight that God boss it makes it all worth it. On EQ there were mobs that only SPAWNED once a MONTH. Once a month. Thats it. The person who got the item from that mob was ONE COOL DUDE for the entire rest of the game(feathered pegasus cloak anyone?). Anyone who see's that guy KNOWS the mob spawns once a month and feel priviledge to talk to someone who was lucky enough to get the cloak drop.

Wow being instanced fits some people's personalities, just not mine. I like to feel like I accomplished something. I like to be in a world that feels "alive". Instances make it impossible to feel that. Also the lack of players(ala Vanguard) makes it impossible to feel alive as well, but thats another story entirely.
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