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Default Re: Is the GeForce4 MX 440 a legacy GPU?

Lots of people are confused with the legacy drivers and for which cards they are.

The last driver release to support the riva tnt and early geforce (sdr, ddr, 2ti, 2gts, 2pro, 2ultra) was the 1.0-71xx version. Nvidia is updating this branch so now and then to keep it compatible with newer kernels and xorg versions. They have called this version the 'legacy' driver.

Starting from 1.0-97xx Nvidia removed support for the geforce2mx, the geforce3 and all geforce4 cards (and ofcourse all quadro equivalents). The last version which supports this card is the 1.0-96xx series. This version is maintained in a similar way as 1.0-7xxx.

So these days there are two sets of legacy drivers and in order to have most features you should use the latest version which supports your card.
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