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Default Re: Water cooling... it is really starting to spike my interest-

I really don't get why you're so into these 3rd party hybrid coolers. They're all going to be about as effective/less effective as a good air cooler like the Tuniq Tower when it comes down to it, and probably more trouble/less reliable.

If you want to go water, then do it the right way. If you don't want to customize the entire setup because it seems like such a headache, then just go with a good kit like this one:

That right there is a kickass little watercooling kit that will give you much better performance than any of these hybrid coolers you keep looking at, and for a good price. If you're going to go water, then do it right. The kit even has an Apogee GT in it, which is a fantastic block for quad-cores since it provides so much coverage over the heat spreader. It'd be a great upgrade if you plan on going quad some day; these hybrid coolers you're finding just aren't strong enough and would get eaten up by the heat a quad-core will put out.

It's really not that difficult to assemble if you have any hardware sense about you. You just need to do some research beforehand and be very methodical and careful with the installation. And maintenance? Pssh. I haven't even touched mine in the last 5 months except to fill the res a little. That took about 10 minutes. There's little to no maintenance required as long as you use a good anti-corrosive and biocide upon installation so you don't get plants growing in your tubing. And I guarantee you that if you take your time and install it right that you'll be thrilled with the temps you'll see. Air or any of these hybrid coolers just can't compare.

If you do a cursory read through the stickied topics at this link then you will learn most of what you need to know:

What you don't get from those links, watercoolers like myself, LORD, or a # of others here would be willing to help you with. But my advice to you would be to stick to air-cooling if you don't want a real water-cooling kit.

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