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Default Re: TwinView incorrectly indicates Xinerama as off when using two cards

Originally Posted by ebf
as far as I know it is not currently possible to have both Xinerama and XRandR enabled.
Right, but you don't need XRandR to rotate the screens! The nvidia driver
can do that for you internaly i.e. by applying the option "Rotate" "Left"

Please find attached an example xorg.conf file that uses three 1600x1200
LCDs rotated for a 3600x1200 setup. It uses separate screens, so the
xinerama information will be fine. However, i have noticed that there
is quite some 3D performance drop (only 1/3 of the FPS for UT2K4).

There is basically nothing wrong about having three separate screens,
but dragging windows from one screen to another causes redraw-event,
which can be pretty annoying. This is why i created the beforementioned
patch so that you can avoid the redraw events by using twinview but
still get the desired XineramaInfo.

I think it should be possible to have a triple head setup with a rotated
twinview screen by i.e. adding both options "TwinViewOrientation" "Above"
and "Rotation" "Left", but i never tried that out.




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