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Default Re: Too late to jump into WoW?

Originally Posted by arioch21
having no instance wouldnt work in WoW, there is just too many players in each server, I remember camping all day just for 1 item in EQ, and clerics having to go 5+ days without logging off their characters just to get their epic items, there's just no way I could go back to that, give me an instance and give me my item ;p

Dont get me wrong, I met alot of friends because of no instance in EQ, you cant build the same community in wow because you only hang around people for a very short time, not long enough to get to know them. But with the amount of people within wow servers, it just wouldnt work having no instances for dungeons, you wouldnt be able to get quests or items in good time, and I just dont have the time to sit at my comp for hours on end to get something done, I have a life.
Not necessarily. Just lower the amount of people on each server and instances are no longer needed. Still be that as it may, WoW players probably wouldn't like this. For the players WoW targets, instancing is perfect.
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