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Default Re: 1.0-9746, 1.0-9755 x86_64 system freeze with GeForce 8800GTX

I am posting these nvidia-bug-report.log files at the request of tachyon_john who has been talking with my colleague Irvin here at the Univ. of Utah. Here are the details of the system we are running:

RHEL 4, x86_64 (2.6.9-42.0.10-smp kernel)
Single Intel Core 2 Duo(2.4GHz)
Geforce 8800GTX with NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-1.0-9755 driver.

Our bug is consistent the others: VMD (1.8.5 and 1.8.6b11); large molecule (~140,000 atoms); resize the window; total system lockup.

Attached are 2 log files zipped up: nvidia-bug-report.log1 in steady state while running VMD; nvidia-log-report.log2 in locked up state (normally this is not possible as the system is totally locked up, but while intentionally crashing things with trying to get these logs I found that after one lockup I still had an active ssh session and was about to run the script. Whether it will be of help I don't know).
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