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Default Re: 16 pipe 6800 ok for current-gen @ 1366x768?

Originally Posted by Tr1cK
To the OP:

My HTPC is doing just fine with current gen games. It would do a TON better if it wasn't an Athlon XP. I run everything at 1366x768 with 4x AA and 8X AF.
What benefits are you expecting besides the differences in the UI?

I was running Ultimate on my HTPC for quite some time and I liked the interface better, but there were big problems. Firstly, it was much slower... lagged a lot. You most likely would not have that issue as you have an OK video card. I was running an x300 at the time and you could really tell.

The other major problem is the way in which Vista's MCE interface searches for media (vids, pics, etc.) In MCE2005 I simply put my movies in the My Videos dir and associate a pic with each video so that it looks nice. In Vista ALL of those pictures show up in my My Pictures section after the search... and there's NO WAY to remove them that I can tell.... it is so annoying.

EDIT: HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHadhjskhfklsfjg;jkrpgeojedn

I just noticed you said Athlon XP, not Windows XP! What a retarded thing to do....

EDIT2: I've been around, lurking. I just was too thin-skinned to put up with Vamps. He's a royal pain in my ass.
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