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Default Re: gpudip - performance tool for digital image processing and gpgpu

gpudip v0.7 x86 win32 - initial public beta release download - gpudip.rar (1MB)

I have include two batch files in compressed file (all64bit.bat is for 64bit Windows and Vista) with right arguments to make testing easier and faster for all users. After the tests gpudip generates HTML-based result file with tables and charts.

Here is e.g. 8800GTX's (702 MHz) result file - gpudip_results.html

Release notes
* gpudip (based on gpuinstr) measures how many low-level instructions, floating-point operations, texture samples and color pixels a graphics processor (gpu) can execute in digital image processing (dip) or gpgpu tasks such as blending, sharpening, blurring and edge detection. All the tasks are most commonly used in e.g. Photoshop, Gimp and games.

* 20 digital images processing tasks.

* ARB_fp and NV_fp (OpenGL 1.4 core revision) based gpus only supported (e.g. G80, NV30, R580 and R300 series).

* CUDA support will be added in a later release.
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