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Default Re: Mushkin XP2 PC2-8500 - Any good?

Originally Posted by einstein_314
So my question is is this good ram?
If you dont intend on OCing it further thatn 1066, then it should not matter if its good ram or not.
besides I dont see it on this list either.
(hell, Im sure even the P5Bdlx would struggle a big getting past 533 fsb.)
But with this stuff I could drop the multy to 6, FSB @ 533 and get the same thing....Is this practical?
Ahh... We got a smart one. taking advantage of RAM bandwidth

Youre right - if you drop the multi to 6 and run 533 fsb, you will get a noticable performance boost. But note that youre putting strain on your NB chip (memory controller) - so be sure to put a fan on the board's heatsink.
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