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Originally posted by Smokey
I alsoi just wanted to let Corp know that his "state of the art NEC" isnt that state of the art if it can only handle 1600*1200@60Hz My Iiyama Vision Master Pro 450 ( which is getting old) can handle 1600*1200@85Hz just like Lou Natics KDS.

About benchmarks, as I have a good 19" montitor with a GF3 I play all my games at 1280*1024@100Hz no less, also 1600*1200@85Hz if I dont want to use any FSAA and lower the anisoptic filtering. As for Q3 benches, I bought that game when I had my Celeron 433 + TNT1 I think using games that are 6-12months old max.

Two years and $800 ago, buddy.

Back when most monitors couldnt do 12x10 @ more than 60hz
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