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Default Re: Water cooling... it is really starting to spike my interest-

Originally Posted by Redeemed
Okay, also- what do you think of this waterblock:

Notice that is JUST a water-block, not an "all-in-one" solution. According to their site I should be able to hook it up to any pump and radiator. Would that be overkill? Unnecessary?
When it comes to watercooling, there are 3 rules to live by:

1) Plan on overclocking like a mutha#*@(!()!!
2) Invest in plenty of towels (kidding)
3) Never, ever, EVER buy Thermaltake anything (unless you want to take #2 seriously)

The blocks you want to look at are the Swiftech Apogee GT, D-tek Fuzion, or that one block Ben's mentioned before (MP-05)? I'd advise the Storm, but it's not as good for quad-cores. Thermaltake waterblocks are known to crack left and right. They're crap--just like most of their watercooling supplies are.

Originally Posted by buffbiff21
Xion, youre also forgetting that now matter how easy it is for us now, we still had to pour a considerable amount of time into reseaerching all the equipment!
Ohhhh I haven't forgotten that. But he has it a little easier than you and I did. We both went extreme w/ custom parts and had to learn about barb sizes/thread sizes, corrosive properties of metals, anti-corrosive coolants, biocides, pump strength/flow restriction, tubing size, etc etc .. and a kit makes all that decision-making and assembly a lot easier. Not research-free, but easier.

I gave him the links. He knows what he needs to do now.

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