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Default Re: is 6800GT about to go?

Originally Posted by supra

i turned off my pc last night (it had only been running for a day). and just out of the blue when i turned it on this morning i heard a really loud vibration.

opened the case to find the problem and it was coming from my card. sounded like the fan was hitting something (nothing was even near the fan).

i turned off the pc immediately and removed the card. the fan looked fine. nothing was touching it. there was about 1/2 a millimeter of dust on it so i cleaned that out put the card back in and turned on the pc again.

the sound was still there but not as loud. i let the pc run for about a min and within the min the sound slowly stopped like it wasnt hitting anything again.

temperatures are fine atm. 2 degrees cooler actually (probs cos of the dust i cleaned)

any suggestion on what to do? is the card itself about to go or just the fan? maybe buy a new aftermarket cooler?
You were quite lucky that your 6800gt lasted this long.

I suggest getting something newer, but then again, that's just me.
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