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Default Re: is 6800GT about to go?

Originally Posted by supra

i turned off my pc last night (it had only been running for a day). and just out of the blue when i turned it on this morning i heard a really loud vibration.

opened the case to find the problem and it was coming from my card. sounded like the fan was hitting something (nothing was even near the fan).

i turned off the pc immediately and removed the card. the fan looked fine. nothing was touching it. there was about 1/2 a millimeter of dust on it so i cleaned that out put the card back in and turned on the pc again.

the sound was still there but not as loud. i let the pc run for about a min and within the min the sound slowly stopped like it wasnt hitting anything again.

temperatures are fine atm. 2 degrees cooler actually (probs cos of the dust i cleaned)

any suggestion on what to do? is the card itself about to go or just the fan? maybe buy a new aftermarket cooler?
It's just an old fan that is getting worn out. They will sound crappy when you first turn it on because it is unbalanced, and then it will go away when it is running straight. The fan might last a while yet, but it will eventually die, and when that happens the card won't work properly anymore. I'm not sure if it is worth getting another cooler as the cost of one is probably 1/4 of the price of what the card is worth. You can probably leave it be for a couple of months and just bear with the noise when you first turn it on, and then replace the card a little later.
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