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Default Re: Water cooling... it is really starting to spike my interest-

It depends on how much voltage you're running, Doc, and it also depends on whether or not you're going Quad in the near future. The more voltage you push, the more heat a TEC has to dissipate, and most of them just aren't as good for that as a standard block. If you plan to go quad any time soon, then I would dump the Freezone. If not, then you could stand to hang onto it for a while if you're happy with it. On your current setup, you're not going to see a big change in temps unless you decide to up the voltage on your CPU and overclock it more.

Idle temps really don't matter that much. TECs can idle lower because they're like a mini-refrigerator sitting on your processor, and a standard waterblock like mine just cycles water cooled by ambient air. So idle on a standard block will never be lower than your ambient temps.

However, most TEC snap-on coolers like the Freezone aren't as effective under a full load with lots of voltage as a standard waterblock is. They just can't dissipate the heat due to the small radiator and fan, among other things. You just don't see a lot of guys with heavy overclocks running them for that reason. And you see very few guys w/ quads running them because they can't dissipate the heat it puts out. Slawter saw this on his when he tried to cool his Kentsfield with it recently. Got worse temps than he did on air. And I just browsed through that Freezone thread over here and several other people had the same problem.

So you have to look at your situation and decide what's best. If you're at 1.5v or up, I would say go w/ a waterblock.

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