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Default Frontpage links - Distributed Computing

Mike, admins/mods, perhaps we could clean up the distributed computing link?

All the seti@home links are dead. Perhaps we can get it setup properly for whatever we currently have going on? I know F@lding is still chugging along nicely with the new ps3 users onboard (thanks guys ) but perhaps a dedicated folding link, or whatever you think is right, would get more interest generated?

Projects like folding deserve all the attention and spare cycles we can afford (you DON'T have to use 100% cpu cycles for this). If people are as interested in research for extra-terrestrial life or something else, that too deserves the attention.

Also, other major links take you to more dead links from the front-page. Perhaps a clean-up is in order

Spring cleaning, before Easter Sunday?

Cheers guys. You rock
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