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Default Re: memory failure reason announced

It's Marketing.

Really, the problem is, they sell the ram with these incredible timings, but you can only get those timings by running the ram at insane voltage.
In my case, my OCZ PC2 8800's are rated 2.2-2.4v, and you will definitely need that voltage to even reach their rated 1100MHz, and more to overclock them.

Needless to say, unless you have very good active cooling on them, and even then I would not bet on them lasting, they will die. I've already lost one stick and that was at 2.2v. I had not realized until too late that they were running so hot. And I mean HOT! I did have a fan on them too, but it was a low speed 90mm quiet fan.

Maybe 2.4v is not too much if you can keep them from getting too hot, but at 2.3+v, mine were too hot to touch!
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