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Default Re: memory failure reason announced

Originally Posted by Redeemed
Why do you guys say these are insanely high voltages? DDR was rig around this same voltage while running slower. I've got 2GB DDR500 G.Skill ram that requires 2.6-2.8v, and you are complaining about 2.2???

With active cooling the ram should be able to handle it without a problem. And I'm referring to a cooler like this one for the ram:

I don't see any reason to get concerned over this. If you already lost a stick of ram due to heat, then maybe you have inadequate airflow in your case. Really 2.2v is not all that much.
DDR2 is not spec'd the same as DDR1. Remember, default voltage for DDR2 is about 1.8v. 2.4v is a lot of voltage!
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