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Default Re: gpudip - performance tool for digital image processing and gpgpu

Originally Posted by trinibwoy
tertsi, do you have some guidelines on how to interpret these results?
Nope, but gpudip_results.html should be easy-to-read

Here is a small list:

# task - name of task
instructions - number of ALU instructions in task (ALU + SF)
flops - number of floating-point operations in task
texture fetches - number of texture fetches in task
size - size of image (default: 512 x 768)
iterations - number of testing loops per task (default: 10000)
processing time (ms) - task's processing time (ms)
GInstr/sec - (G) instructions per second (ALU + SF)
GFlop/sec - (G) floating-point operations per second
GTexel/sec - (G) texture fetches per second
GPixel/sec - (G) pixels per second (output)
GByte/sec - (G) bytes per second

Originally Posted by trinibwoy
What are the choke points for various hardware etc?
Yeah I have also noticed this problem, but mostly with ATI GPU-based graphics cards. Checking out source....
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