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Default Re: memory failure reason announced

Originally Posted by Redeemed
That's kind of what I was getting at... 2.2 isn't too high. You are almost running the same voltages my DDR500 is running- granted you need the heatsinks plus that OCZ cooler to pull it all off, but you got it working none the less. 2.2 is possible and not all that far fetched with the right cooling, as you have very much proven with your rig.

Very true. Proper cooling. Still, OCZ claims this ram doesn't even need active cooling! Now, I'm not dumb enough to believe that, but again, Marketing.

Also keep in mind that I had 4 sticks and you know how close they are in the slots, so I am getting one of those purpose-built ram coolers when my RMA comes back.

I'm not convinced the mobos are to blame for ram dying and even reading nVidia's response, it's seems pretty clear that they also think 2.4v is too much for DDR2.

Oh well, one of the main reasons I bought 4 sticks was so that I wouldn't be completely dead in the water should I lose one or two, and as was said, OCZ warantee on these is lifetime at 2.4v :-)
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