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Default Re: GeForce 6150(GA-K8N51PVMT-9) 1.0-8178? Failed to initialize the NVIDIA kernel mod

Audio was actually quite easy to get setup.

0) Read this:

1) Purge the evil entry from the /etc/driver_aliases file.
Remove this line:
audiohd "pci10de,371"

2) Find out your vendor and device ID's (from the web or hit pause/break shortly after bios loads, or Windows Hardware Manager (if you dual boot,) or that useless scanpci unix thing).

In my case (Realtek ALC880 Nforce 430 C51):
unix% update_drv -a -i '"10ec,880"' audiohd
unix% update_drv -a -i '"10de,26c"' audiohd

3) rebuild the /dev device tree.
unix% /usr/sbin/devfsadm -i audiohd

4) Reboot.
unix% reboot -- -r

5) unmute, crank up the volume and put in a good audio cd...

I've now fully configured my system with video network and sound

Good luck to other's hopefully Sun will one day make Solaris a plug and play as Linux (SUSE automatically sets up everything, but has a lot of unstable junk in its distribution)...

My Rating of Operating Systems (Based on Stability for Application Development): Mac OS X, Solaris, BSD, Debian Linux, RedHat Linux, Fedora, Other UNIX, Other Linux, Writing your own OS, ...... Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Window XP x64 pro (SP2 is a lot more stable but still, and driver support, grrr.), Windows 3.11, Windows '98, Win '95, then finally Windows VISTA (the little I used it it crashed, my mac never crashes).
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