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Thumbs up Massive AMD Price Drops on X2 6000+ and X2 5600+

Looks like is the first with huge AMD price reduction, at least they send me email claiming that they are the only one, probably for not too long.

AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600+ New Price $197.51 Regular $555.10
AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ New Price $250.25 Regular $517.80
NCIX Canada has similar price drops.

I believe AMD by far the biggest mistake was no longer supporting Socket 939, if they did they could have sold zillion of the above and at the same time stopping many people from jumping to Intel.

Since the complete upgrade is so costly I'm probably going to wait for Barcelona and DDR3 mobos hopefully this coming fall.

Based on AnanTech review the AMD X2 6000+ competes good with Intel Core Duo E6600
Here "Gaming Performance" sample, about the same goes for other applications tested in the same review.

I believe if the same chips are overclocked Intel is going to be way ahead, on the other hand not everybody does overclock.

When it comes to "Power Consumption" especially under load Intel is clear winner
Under load it's clear that AMD needs 65nm to be competitive with Intel as only the 65nm X2 5000+ is able to draw power similar to that of its Intel counterparts. Note that AMD is at a bit of a disadvantage here as it's running on a more power hungry nForce 590 SLI chipset compared to Intel's P965, but the power requirements at 2.8GHz - 3.0GHz on AMD's 90nm process are quite real.
AMD needs 65nm top to bottom in a bad way; not only will it help ease capacity constraints, but it will also keep AMD from turning into the power hungry chip maker that Intel once was.
Maybe the reason for the big price reduction is to clear the inventory before completely switching to 65nm but probably the main reason is that AMD is in big need for cash as we all know.
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