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Default GRUB borked my system!!! Help please!

Okay, first off I must clarify that I'm an extreme Linux noob.

Okay, here's what happened-

I was dual-booting XP Pro and Kubuntu for quite a while, but being that I seldom use Kubuntu I wanted to wipe the drive clean and put WIndows ME on that drive so I could play some older DOS and early Windows games that don't work in XP.

Okay, I have two 300GB hard drives in my computer. The primary hard drive has the XP Pro installation in it, the secondary hard drive had Kubuntu installed on it.

I went into the Storage Manager in Administrative Properties in XP and re-partitioned my secondary hard drive. I did not format it as XP will only format it with the NTFS file system and Win 9x requires FAT. So I booted into DOS, formated the drive.

Okay, right after the drive finished formatting I restarted my computer and went to boot into Windows- but GRUB keeps trying to come up but can't, so now I can't boot into XP. All of my files (pictures, movies, photos, etc) are stored on the drive with XP on it.

How do I get rid of GRUB so I can get back into XP? Right now I'm running off of the Kubuntu LiveCD. Is there any way to get rid of GRUB in my situation? Was there a better method of removing Kubuntu from my system?

Again, I'm a complete noob when it comes to Linux. Thanks in advance for all your help.
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