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Default Re: GRUB borked my system!!! Help please!

Originally Posted by grey_1
np Bro! I'm trying to figure out how GRUB got to your XP if it were unplugged??

Are you getting a grub error message or a disk read error? If it's disk-read try swapping the sata ports your plugged into. I don't know why, but XP can sometimes get 'lost' WRT booting off a secondary channel, if that's the case.
The error message I'm recieving is something to the extent of "GRUB error 17". And the computer doesn't do anything after that message appears.

My drives aren't SATA- they're PATA. My Primary Master IDE drive had the XP installation on it, while the Primary Slave IDE drive had Kubuntu installed on it. I just assumed that if I wiped that Primary slave hard drive clean, it'd get rid of Kubuntu, Grub- the works. Evidently it didn't.
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