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Default Re: GRUB borked my system!!! Help please!

Originally Posted by grey_1
That should solve it for you, assuming grub doesnt start complaining to itself.

Either way, if it doesn't, you can still do the recovery console for XP. For me, I stick with switching at boot out of the bios. It's more rare now than it used to be, but if a major update like xorg fubars your kubuntu install, your win is still untouched.

Personal preference I guess.
That sounds like the best route to take.

Anyhow, it's 4:20 AM and I still haven't gotten to sleep yet. Gotta' be up for Church at 10. Off to bed I go. I'll get my copy of XP back from my friend and just try the recovery console.

Thanks again man, I do appreciate it.
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