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Default Re: status of hdtv overscan via component outputs?

It's been over 24 hours since you posted so I guess nobody wants to tackle your question. I'll throw in my 2-cents to keep it going.
In my case (Gigabyte 939 MB with Nforce4 chips, AMD64, 2G ram, 7900GS card, Panasonic 47" 1080i PTV with DVI input) it seems that I could not have a more "compatible" set-up for Nvidia.
In WinXP everything works great. Nvidia Control Panel affords complete control via DVI or component output, including overscan and custom timings. Turns out overscan control is not needed. 1616x884 and 1616x908 resolutions work beautifully within the native 1080i interlaced timings. Don't even need Powerstrip.
In Linux (Fedora 6 or Ubuntu 6.06) it all goes down the tube (so to speak). I've tried everything to no avail. EDID via DVI is wrong; thinks I have a DFP so it's a non-starter and couldn't get driver to ignore it.
S-Video out/in won't allow HD. Best is VESA 1024x768 which, interestingly, allows overscan control.
So I've settled for now on an S-Video/Component splitter and driving 1080i via xorg.conf. But, as you're saying, there's no overscan control and modelines aren't accepted so nothing is possible between 1920x1080 and 1280x720. Frustrating.
Point is, I'm given to believe that the underlying issue is "commercial", not "technical". It's probably unreasonable to expect Nvidia to dedicate adequate resources to the Linux effort because of the size of the MS market, especially Vista. ATI is no better. What this market needs is a new player who might see VC hardware sales into the expanding Linux market as a "new opportunity". Until then I don't expect full video capability for all devices. Hope I'm wrong.
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