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Default colormap broken since adding new flatpanel (GF3Ti200, Samsung 941BW)

I just upgraded my monitor from an older/tired sony 17" trinitron to a 19" samsung 914bw (16:9 1440x900) display. since then, my colormap in x has gone to pot. i have managed to get the full resolution in use on the display but end up with what looks like a broken colormap. even the nvidia logo @ start has the colormaps set all wonky. i've been fighting this a few days with various options and no real direction to turn next.

attached is the error log requested for debugging. the panel is connected via dvi. i know things can function fine; this box dual-boots winders and it handles the display ok. it also looks ok if i use the xorg nv driver (though it doesn't pick up the 1440x900 res: i could figure that out probably but prefer to use the nvidia driver).

any help anyone could offer, i'd really appreciate it. thx.

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