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Default Re: What a difference a case makes (Antec 900)

Originally Posted by Tr1cK
My old Antec I have now has 3 intake 80mm fans and 2 exhaust 80mm. It also has 2 80mm in the PSU. Needless to say, it runs pretty damn cool. My new Lian Li case is aluminum but only 1 120mm in the front and 1 120mm in the back. I am anxious to see how it performs in comparison.
I have some great suggestions. Get a genuine Lian Li side panel w/ a window from and have them drill a 120mm fan holes in it and replace the stock fans w/ either the Panaflo 108 cfm or ~114 cfm.

You're temps will go way down, lower than a lot of water cooling would do, in fact.
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