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Default Re: AMD layes off employees,in seeking cost savings

Originally Posted by Sazar
When was the last time Intel had a market share as low as AMD's?

Intel has routinely spent almost as much on R&D as AMD earns. Is it a surprise that they have the better product currently and are working on a few different options while AMD concentrates on fixing Barcelona?
No, and I never said it was. But the doom-sayers just get annoying. AMD generated a lot of income over the past several years- and even has contracts with the likes of Dell and other such major companies. Plus there are the sales from the 360, integrated devices (cell phones and such)- AMD still has a lot of revenue generating sources. They aren't going belly up anytime soon. And it annoys me that just because Intel 1upped them that every body starts saying AMD is doomed.

Even with all of Intel's $$$ they still got thier @$$es handed to them with Netburst. All AMD needs to do is exploit Conroe's and Kentsfield's weaknesses, and then 1up thier strong points. I see no reason while AMD can't do this. And then in 6 months or so Intel will one up AMD and it will probably just keep repeating back and forth this way.

But AMD is not gonna' disappear any time soon.
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