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Default Re: Looking for TV Help (new purchase)

Originally Posted by Toss3
What's wrong with plasmas? There's almost no burn-in issues anymore
Yeah the burn in problems still exist, granted not quite to the extent that they used to. Several plasma manufacturers are trying to get rid of their inventory by saying otherwise IMO.

Plasmas also produce a lot more heat and use a lot more electricity, and unlike LCD's they get increasingly dim over their lifespan, whereas LCD's are as bright as the day you got them until the backlight burns out, which is fixable in many cases. Sony and a few others have already stopped making plasma displays in favor of LCD's for this and other reasons.

Plus from what I hear the Aquos displays beat most plasmas when it comes to contrast ratio.

Originally Posted by superklye
If you have a Cost Co near you, the 42" Aquos is on sale for $1499 right now.
Is this actually in the stores or is it online only? I haven't been to a costco lately but I've never liked their TV selection. I am actually thinking about grabbing an Aquos tomorrow instead of the westinghouse if it is available at costco, namely because costco offers a 90 day return period and a free 2 year extended warranty (making it upwards of 3 years worth of coverage.)

I don't want to order it online though, it takes them 20 days and 99 bux to ship the damn thing.
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