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Default Re: What a difference a case makes (Antec 900)

Originally Posted by buffbiff21

You cannot, on air, lower your GPUs to below 40 degrees idle, 50 degrees load. Ever.

Well, technically you can.

My 7900GTX idled at 39C w/ the stock cooler on it and loaded at 47C. I had two 120mm 78cfm thunderblades on the front feeding air to it and a side fan on the window of the case.

My roommate's 1900XT w/ an Arctic Silencer idles at 38C, but his case sounds like a vacuum cleaner with all the little 80mms he has in it. (4 on the back, alone.)

But most watercooling setups will help you get significantly lower temps than air... especially with the G80s. I've yet to see any of those load under 60C. Mine load at 47/52C.

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